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Successful Strategic Communication Requires Jitsu!

What is Jitsu? 

The concept of jitsu refers to a skill or expertise practiced at the level of an art form or science.

The Dynamics of Business Communication Have Changed...

The era of controlled, one-way message delivery from the company to the target audience is long over. Now, more than ever, corporations face fierce competition for market share and share of voice.

Conversations about the company and its brands are happening in real time—on the street, in the office, and online. The media operate on a continuous 24-hour, 360-degree global news cycle fed by an ever-evolving spectrum of sources. Customers are also actively discussing their experiences with your company and they are becoming increasingly sophisticated and segmented into highly coveted niche markets that require special attention.

Fortunately, increased communication channels equal greater opportunity to generate awareness, spread education, create leads, and influence the conversation in ways never before possible.

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same...

And while the venues have changed, effective communication has always been about quality, not quantity. Interest and credibility are functions of valuable content. Creativity, knowledge, experience, and expertise are all necessary components for developing impactful messages and successful programs.  But, strategic communications practitioners who are capable of jitsu ensure that all of these exceptional qualities are built into each campaign to yield the most powerful results possible.

Enter Jitsu Public Relations, where we practice the Art of Strategic Communication.


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